Leica Camera M6 TTL

Leica Camera M6 TTL
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Feb 2018

alaTest har samlat in och analyserat 38 tester för Leica Camera M6 TTL. Det genomsnittliga betyget av denna produkt är 4.6/5, att jämföra med genomsnittsbetyget 4.1/5 för 35mm kompaktkameror.

Användare ger produkten betyget 91/100 i genomsnitt.


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Användarrecension från: Ramray (photographyreview.com)

Leica M6 (Classic)


I have used many cameras. In rangefinders, everything from an Argus C-3 up to an M6, I finally got the M6 after many happy years with a Leitz (Minolta) CL and had some Leitz lenses. I thought this was the pinicle of cameradom! In time, I had many Leitz...

Bullet proof, precise tool ; Great lenses ; Simple, timeless design

Old design, too expensive, weak loading process

Jun 2009

Användarrecension från: rossawilson1 (photographyreview.com)

Leica M6 (Classic)


When I decided to get serious about my photography I bought a Nikon F80 and spent a year taking at least 1 picture a day. I took a lot of photos but there weren't a lot of keepers. It was however immense fun. Then I got a medium format camera, I got a...

Another issue for me was not feeling conspicuous. I don't care if I am actually conspicuous with whatever camera, it's weather I feel conspicuous that makes the difference. The M6 is cures this problem for me ; Size ; Weight ; Build quality ; Handling...

There are some types of photography I find this camera is not really suitable for, but don't take that as reason not to try them or discount the system ; Macro - Though there is a special adapter ; Telephoto - There are some options but no like with...

Maj 2009

Användarrecension från: Greg McCary (photographyreview.com)

Leica M6 (Classic)


All I have ever heard about the Leica cameras is true. My M6 is built like a tank and is a pleasure to use. Fully manual and simple design it is photography at it's grass roots. The framelines are easy to see and the Voigtlander 40mm lens I use is easy...

Accurate framelines ; Heavy weight ; Silent shutter ; Easy to use and accurate meter ; Easy to load film

You got to be kidding. NONE

Apr 2008

Användarrecension från: Greg McCary (photographyreview.com)

Leica M6 (Classic) - (Rangefinders)

Apr 2008

Användarrecension från: nikon_junkie (photographyreview.com)

Leica M6 (Classic)


I've had the joy to own the M3 and now the M6 ttl (.72) versions. My favorite is the M3. The viewfinder, when you can find a good sample, is the best as far as magnification. Coming from the .91 VF of the M3 I can see a stark differnece when comparing...

Size. I can fit all three of my M bodies and glass into a very small bag ; If your budget is $1500 you could get a real nice setup like a M3/M6 and the underrated 40mmSummicron. With careful shopping, iIf you don't like the RF way of life you can sell...

Not a Nikon F5 though focus accuracy is quite suprisingly quick. But for movement I personally can't risk it so I lean on the autofocu Nikon bodies during weddings ; Film loading can be a pain, but less so on the M6. For the M3 I keep a couple extra...

Sep 2006

Användarrecension från: rossawilson01 (photographyreview.com)

Leica M6 (Classic)


I've gone through almost all of the camera manufactures the penultimate being Contax, who I really though would be the one for me. Unfortunately it was not to be and so I began looking at Leica. When I first picked up the M6 in my local ye old camera...

Build Control layout Size Rangefinder viewfinder Simplicity

Slight frame line inaccurasy (slr's are typically only 90% coverage and the G2 is out so on a par with other systems) System cost (expensive lenses etc but you get what you pay for)

Dec 2005

Användarrecension från: RRoss (photographyreview.com)

Leica M6 (Classic)


Leica M6 M Leicas are superbly styled. Classic understatement, form following function. They turn heads by a sort of inconspicuous 'presence'. But the quality is not consistent. At best they are unrivalled. But there are M6s with blistering black...

Style, simplicity, status, excellence of engineering, superb quality of lenses, manages more than most to make real virtues out of necessity, results that are unequalled is certain circumstances when everything works properly.

Cost, limitations of basic design, cost, unreliable shutters, cost, viewfinder characteristics, cost!

Jun 2005

Användarrecension från: richardc (photographyreview.com)

Leica M6 (Classic)


Bought for a 6 week trip coming up going around the world and wanted to travel light. Gave up Mamiya 7 and pretty crappy lenses (and badly paid picture library work) to return to the basics with light shooting gear 2 nice lenses (35mm 1.4 and 50mm 1.4...

Viewfinder, finish, precision - immediate trigger reaction - almost no delay and picture taken. No noisy winder

slighty noisier than all the hype had suggested

Nov 2004

Användarrecension från: Greg Roush (photographyreview.com)

Leica M6 (Classic)


If you're reading this you're not a beginner. For some reason an SLR is unsatisfying. You didn't know about Leicas before you spent thousands on your SLR gear. It's OK, don't blame yourself. But now you're ready. You know a lot about photography and...

What you need right under your finger tips, nothing that you don't. You know what you're doing, the Leica lets you do it better than any other camera. No higher quality in its category. Good value. Makes you realize how much you have yet to learn about...

Limited telephoto and close up ability.

Sep 2003

Användarrecension från: johnvr (photographyreview.com)

Leica M6 (Classic)


I bought a used M6 a while back on eBay to see whether I would like it and especially whether I would prefer it over my Contax G2. I was impressed with the overall quality of the Leica. I loved the images coming out of it. But I didn't find that I...

It's quiet, but I don't need quiet - solid feel - great picture quality

It's too expensive - rangefinder focusing not particularly fast

Apr 2003