Seagate FreeAgent GoFlex Desk 2TB External USB 3.0 Hard Drive

Seagate FreeAgent GoFlex Desk 2TB External USB 3.0 Hard Drive
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Apr 2014

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Seagate FreeAgent GoFlex Desk 2TB review


Seagate's latest desktop external hard disk has a massive capacity of 2TB. It's also part of the company's new GoFlex range so, instead of having a fixed USB port, it has a removable USB adaptor. This can be quickly detached and replaced with others,...

The 2TB FreeAgent GoFlex Desk is fast and has lots of storage. It can be easily and cheaply upgraded to USB3 too.

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Seagate FreeAgent GoFlex Desk (2TB, USB 2.0)


The Seagate FreeAgent GoFlex Desk is the desktop version of the portable FreeAgent GoFlex Pro . The two drives share the same flexible, interchangeable adapter design that removes the worry about what connection types to get for your external hard...

The Seagate FreeAgent GoFlex Desk offers the highest capacity to date among single-volume external storage devices on the market. The drive comes in a flexible design that makes adding more connections/features a snap. It also has decent performance.

Out of the box, the Seagate FreeAgent GoFlex Desk has only a USB 2.0 connection; other connection adapters cost extra. The drive topples easily when used in the intended vertical position, and it runs rather hot.

The Seagate FreeAgent GoFlex Desk is the largest single-volume external hard drive on the market and has arguably the best combination of design, performance, and storage capacity.

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"Spam Company - Avoid at peril! Contacts don't work"


Please stop this bad apple from ruining the industry!

Hardware may be OK, software is suspect, Seagate's contact information in the UK is incorrect (US numbers only). Phone is premium cost number only. Far to much to search why my just purchased drive needs software re-loaded every time I attach.

Just a big mess with many hours wasted to no advantage


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"3TB crashed, lost all my data after only a few weeks."



It's black.

it is shinny so it scratches easily.

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"can't eject/shut off. bad investment"


good price, costco guarentee

can't eject or shut down, no on/off switch. Have to run scanner most of the time, holding my breath to see if my video footage is lost.

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"Utter garbage."


Buy as a gift for someone you don't like. Otherwise, do not waste money on this or any Seagate product.

Cheap. Nice paperweight.

Lost data. Disappears in Windows. No power switch.

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"This drive seems to have a problem."


This drive is too fancy for its own good. It comes with software to manage its operation. The SeaTools diagnostics require installing Microsoft .NET 4. Did anyone at Seagate every hear of the KISS theory: Keep It Simple, Stupid.

Drive is quiet and a good buy for the money.

There is no power switch. The drive will spin when the computer is turned on.

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"Unreliable, failed after 4 month. Data in unrecoverable"


a piece o junk. This is the last seagate drive I buy. I have been working for +25 years with computers, it is the first time I have experienced this loss of data this way. Seagate tech support sucks, Seagate Data recovery is a scam.

none as I know.

get very hot, no power switch, randomly crashes and not always recognized by the PC. After a few months the unit stopped working freezing between 20 to 60 seconds, no way to extract the data from the filesystem.

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"Small, fast, high capacity, Memeo software confusing."


All in all, I am happier with this little drive than the last one I had, which was pretty good. It's faster and has much more capacity. I can't hear a sound, which is always nice. The software thing is confusing, but I can see it being useful once I...

I love the little size,easy to plug in and use. Shows up as my "E" drive, and I drag and drop like any other drive. Backup is happening in background,and still have quick response time.

Disappointed I need software upgrade for partial backups. No documentation - will corrupted files get backed up overlaying good ones? Can I prevent future backups of certain folders?

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"2TB for under $100. There's Your Sign!"


I ignored my instinct to not buy a hard drive with so many poor reviews for three reasons. One is because I own a 500GB Seagate Barracuda and have not had any problems at all. Two is because I'm only going to use this GOFLEX once a month at most to...

2TB of storage for under $100

No On/Off Switch