enTourage eDGe

alaTest har samlat in och analyserat 16 tester för enTourage eDGe. Det genomsnittliga betyget av denna produkt är 3.0/5, att jämföra med genomsnittsbetyget 4.2/5 för produkter i samma kategori. Skärmen uppskattas av recensenterna men batteriet uppskattas inte lika mycket. Tillförlitligheten och designen får blandade omdömen.


bärbarhet, användarvänlighet, konstruktion, prestanda, batteri

Vi har analyserat betyg från experter och användare, produktens ålder och andra faktorer. Jämfört med andra produkter i samma kategori belönas enTourage eDGe med en alaScore™ på 81/100 = Mycket bra kvalitet.


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Expertrecension från (engadget.com)

Entourage Edge review


Is it an Android tablet? An e-reader? Just a sweet gadget with two screens? Truth is the Entourage Edge is a little bit of everything, and that's exactly why w...

Mar 2010

Expertrecension från : Jamie Lendino (pcmag.com)

Entourage Edge


The Entourage Edge combines an e-ink–based e-book reader and a touch-screen Android tablet, but fails at both tasks thanks to its enormous size and high price.

Good contrast on e-ink screen. Can take notes on the e-ink screen. Google Android 1.6 OS offers color Web browsing, voice recording, and plenty of other useful apps.

Ungainly design. Very heavy. Huge AC adapter. Plastic construction feels flimsy. Color touch screen is too dim, lacks contrast, and has narrow viewing angles. Slow boot-up. No 3G option for buying e-books over the air.

Other Apps, Multimedia, and Conclusions As a proper (large) Android device, you can watch videos, listen to music, or run plenty of other apps with the Edge. Browsing the Web worked fine using the WebKit browser, though the Edge's dim, stubborn color...

Jul 2010

Expertrecension från : Priya Ganapati (wired.com)

Review: Entourage eDGe E-Book Reader


Twice the screen but half the quality, the Entourage eDGe is a lofty eReader that falls short in nearly every area.

Swinging combo of an E Ink display and LCD screen. Journal for note-taking is actually useful. Innovative hardware design

Sluggish. Poor touchscreen performance. No 3G connectivity. Weak battery life. Smaller selection of online books in the bookstore compared to Amazon.com or Barnes & Noble.com

Mar 2010

Expertrecension från : Donald Bell (cnet.com)

Entourage Edge review: Entourage Edge


Entourage Edge

A unique juxtaposition of e-book reader and tablet computer, providing an ideal platform for text notations and scholastic research.

It weighs as much as five Amazon Kindles and many of its most desirable capabilities are buried in a muddled, fractured user interface.

The Entourage Edge successfully answers the call for an e-book reader designed for textbooks and academics, but casual readers will find the device awkward to handle and complicated to operate.

Mar 2010

Expertrecension från : LAPTOP Magazine (laptopmag.com)

Entourage Edge Review


The Entourage Edge is an innovative product, and in practice the eReader/tablet combination works better than we expected. We like the flexibility and expandability of Android coupled with a large, touch-enabled eReader screen. However, the fact that...

Crisp electronic paper display with stylus support, Built-in journal and voice recorder for note-taking, Hinge allows for multiple positions, Android OS tablet for Web, e-mail, and media, Includes DocumentsToGo

Heavy for a tablet / ereader, Apps store not yet online, Webcam not yet functional, Store stocks fewer bestsellers than competition, No 3G connectivity, Narrow viewing angles

Mar 2010

Expertrecension från : Yardena Arar, PCWorld.com (techadvisor.co.uk)

Entourage Edge review


It's still not officially available in the UK, but a quick scout arround online allows you to grab the Entourage Edge from various webshops for around £532 including taxes and delivery.

Many of the Entourage Edge's shortcomings recall those of the iPad, but the Edge lacks the iPad's compensating sexy portability. At twice the weight of the iPad the Entourage Edge is relatively heavy for a portable; and the Edge is also a solid inch...

Jul 2010

Expertrecension från : Rob Jackson (phandroid.com)

Reviews: HTC Desire & Entourage eDGe


A couple pretty interesting reviews popped up today on Engadget and CrunchGear, covering the HTC Desire and Entourage eDGe, respectively. We thought you'd like

Apr 2010

Expertrecension från : Scott Merrill (crunchgear.com)

Review: enTourage eDGe dualbook


To say that the enTourage eDGe dualbook is “just an e-reader with a bolted-on netbook” (or vice versa) is to pretty dramatically miss the entire point of this thing. The eDGe exists in a category all by itself, because it does an awful lot more than...

Apr 2010

Expertrecension från : Kat Hannaford (gizmodo.com.au)

enTourage EDGe Dualbook Reviewed: Not Quite There Yet


The innovative, if slightly bonkers, enTourage eDGe has been reviewed by Laptop, and as I suspected they had a few issues with the design. They found ...

Mar 2010

Expertrecension från (best-ereaders.com)

Entourage Edge Reader


To be able to truly replicate the entire traditional reading experience, electronic readers should have the capability to dog-ear pages, underline important texts, or write notes on the margins as they would with traditional paper books. It's a gap in...

The Edge’s writing capabilities is definitely its biggest advantage. The device is especially useful for students. Just in case your Edge goes haywire, the device lets you store backups of your books, complete with text add-ons (notes, scribbles, stick...

One of the downside to having two screens is resultant weight. At 3 pounds, it’s twice the weight of the iPad and five times the weight a Kindle. For a device intended for long periods of use, , the Edge simply feels too heavy. Holding it after about...

The Edge is already available for pre-order for $499. The first eReader to successfully integrate full note-taking and writing capabilities, the Entourage Edge is the long-awaited answer to the call for entire textbook experience. The device’s vitality...