Fallout 4 (PS4)

Fallout 4 (PS4)
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Sep 2018

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Expertrecension från : Justin Hernandez (original-gamer.com)

Fallout 4 Review: The Wasteland is Calling


The Fallout series has always been near and dear to my heart. My first experience with this series was with Fallout 3. I wasn't much of a PC gamer, so I had no idea of the existence of the previous Fallout titles. Fallout 3 showed me what it was to...

All worries have been addressed, and this is without a doubt one of the best games I have played from Bethesda since The Elder Scrolls: Skyrim. It means that much to me now, and without a second thought, I can guarantee I'll be playing this game for...

Nov 2015

Expertrecension från : Ben Dutka (psxextreme.com)

Fallout 4 Review


The wasteland has stories. If you're well-equipped and determined, you might just manage to survive long enough to learn about those stories. The nuclear apocalypse has come and gone and humans struggle to forge their way in a very new landscape,...

The Ugly: “Oh, there’s lots of ‘ugly’ in the wasteland but if you can see the humanity beneath it…”

Nov 2015

Expertrecension från : Keith Milburn (nzgamer.com)

Fallout 4


We set out to explore a post-apocalyptic Boston. What does this irradiated wasteland have to offer us?

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Nov 2015

Expertrecension från : Leon Hurley (gamesradar.com)

Fallout 4 review +


It took me around 50 hours to feel like I finally belonged in the irradiated Commonwealth. It's fun all the way, but that's when it all clicked for me. The moment came as I tinkered with my power armour - fixing the left leg broken on my last mission,...

Huge and totally open world, gameplay and design., Lovely, colourful visual upgrade., Vastly improved combat., Oh God, it’s HUGE

High requirements make it a slog to craft anything, Frame rates can be choppy

A huge game that's anything you want it to be. An immense RPG, shooter, and world to explore that is only constrained by your imagination and desire to explore.

Nov 2015

Expertrecension från : Mike Suskie (gamecritics.com)

Fallout 4 Review


Fallout 4 is Bethesda doing their usual routine, for better or worse. It means that we're getting potentially hundreds of hours of content in a massive world with the level of depth and variance to justify that sort of playtime. It also means that...

Primary colors

The eleventh-hour plot twist that's supposed to tie all the threads together

In a year when games like The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt have redefined what open-world RPGs are capable of, I suspect that a lot of Fallout fans will be forced to question whether the usual Bethesda shtick of providing vast amounts of unpolished content...

Nov 2015

Expertrecension från : Jessica Rehse (gbase.ch)

Fallout 4


Nunmehr 18 Jahre ist es her, dass wir erstmals einen nuklearen Fallout überlebt haben und uns in einer postapokalyptischen, von Zerstörung und Überlebenskampf geprägten Welt zurechtfinden mussten. Die Serie hat seitdem eine lange Entwicklungsgeschichte...

Detaillierte und atmosphärische Umgebungen ; Riesige und frei begehbare Spielwelt ; Zahlreiche Neuerungen wie zum Beispiel der Siedlungsbau ; Optionalität vieler Spielelemente

Zum Teil sich wiederholende, unausgereifte Neben-Quests ; Mangelhafte Gegner- sowie Begleiter-KI ; Technische Mängel wie beispielsweise gehäuft eingefrorene Bildschirme ; Lange Ladezeiten

Was soll ich sagen? Nachdem ich bereits in Oblivion und Skyrim durch die Weiten geritten und in Fallout 3 und New Vegas durch sämtliche Ruinen gekrochen bin, hat auch das Bostoner Umland in Fallout 4 wieder genau meinen Nerv getroffen, und all meine...

Dec 2015

Expertrecension från : Lorenzo Mosna (spaziogames.it)

Recensione di Fallout 4


È tutto finito, tranne il pianto.

Un mondo straordinariamente ricco ; Sistema di crafting e housing profondo e divertente ; Centinaia di ore di gioco ; Mitologia incredibilmente affascinante ; Ottima colonna sonora e buon doppiaggio in italiano

Graficamente non all'avanguardia ; I soliti bug dei giochi Bethesda

Fallout 4 è il gioco che i fan di questa saga stavano aspettando. O, se preferite, Fallout 4 è esattamente ciò che ci aspettavamo: un titolo più grande, più bello, più variegato di Fallout 3, capace di offrire un livello di libertà e di...

Nov 2015

Expertrecension från : Francisco Alberto Serrano Acosta (meristation.com)

Fallout 4


La guerra, la guerra nunca cambia. Regresa Bethesda lista para asaltar la actual generación de máquinas como lo hizo con la anterior y esta vez lo hace de la mano de un Fallout 4 que ha elevado el listón en cuanto a acción y construcción de mundo.

Nov 2015

Expertrecension från : Eric (playfrance.com)

Fallout 4


Les fans de la série l'attendaient depuis l'opus New Vegas sorti en 2010, mais Bethesda a joué la carte de la discrétion jusqu'à l'E3 2015 où le jeu a enfin été officiellement annoncé. Cinq mois plus tard Fallout 4 s'apprête à débarquer sur PlayStation...

Le contenu énorme ; L’univers riche et travaillé ; La grande liberté laissée au joueur

Trop de temps de chargement, et particulièrement longs ; Pas toujours fluide ; Quelques bugs dans les dialogues

En reprenant largement les ingrédients qui avaient fait le succès du troisième volet et de son extension, et en y ajoutant un système de crafting plus poussé ainsi que la gestion des bases, Fallout 4 nous offre une aventure pas forcément très...

Nov 2015

Expertrecension från (gamalive.com)

Test de Fallout 4 (PC, Xbox One, PS4) - page 1- GamAlive


7 ans après Fallout 3 et 5 ans après Fallout New Vegas, voici donc Fallout 4 qui débarque sur nos PC et consoles. Ce qu’il y a d’assez étonnant, cela dit, c’est le peu de temps écoulé entre l’annonce du projet et sa sortie.... page 1