Quantum Break

Quantum Break
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Feb 2018

alaTest har samlat in och analyserat 11 tester för Quantum Break. Det genomsnittliga betyget av denna produkt är 3.8/5, att jämföra med genomsnittsbetyget 4.3/5 för produkter i kategorin Spelkonsoler.

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Expertrecension från: (timesofindia.indiatimes.com)

Quantum Break review: A good game with few flaws - The Times of India


Quantum Break is a game with decent combat but is not without flaws.

* Interesting combat ; * Intense graphics ; * Interesting conceptualization

Quantum Break is a stylish shooter with thrills, but has its flaws.

Apr 2016

Expertrecension från: Chance Kinney (chipchick.com)

Quantum Break Review (PC)


When the Xbox One was unveiled, Microsoft talked up the power of their cloud servers — instead of games being confined to an install or a disc, supplemental features could be streamed. We heard a lot about how this could lead to bigger multiplayer...

Apr 2016

Expertrecension från: Steve Farrelly (ausgamers.com)

Quantum Break


I honestly wanted to give Quantum Break a 10/10. I love sci-fi, I love confident and competent time travel stories and I love Remedy. It's a wonderful game, don't get me wrong, and is almost of absolute praise but a couple of things glared once it was...

An amazing time travel story with its own believable and engaging rules and laws ; Excellent performances from all characters ; The videogame/TV show meld is handled very well ; Excellent presentation and gorgeous to look at ; Combat is rewarding and...

Too easy ; Needed more TV show and more exposition ; The ending came out of nowhere and felt too convenient

The overall experience, however, is excellent and the delivery of the game and show is handled with aplomb. I just wanted more of it. Combat is truly rewarding when you start playing with the game’s systems and stacking them to craft your own gameplay...

Apr 2016

Expertrecension från: Ben Reeves (gameinformer.com)

Quantum Break


Peanut butter and chocolate. Thunder and lightning. Country music and painful road trips. Some things go really well together. Television and video games aren't two of those things. Only a few developers have experimented with combining the two...

Concept: Tell a unique time-travel story through a third-person shooter and a television show Graphics: Remedy’s time-manipulating effects are truly impressive, and the characters look great. However, seeing real-life actors juxtaposed with their...

Apr 2016

Expertrecension från: David Houghton (gamesradar.com)

Quantum Break review


You probably know the story of Icarus. That Greek guy who made a set of wings, stuck them together with wax, but then flew too close to the sun, melted

The creative ; speedy combat is great fun ; The story aspires to an interesting ; layered narrative

The combat never evolves to a truly satisfying level ; Disjointed structure leads to big pacing issues ; The TV show is rather underwhelming

Apr 2016

Expertrecension från: Ben Wilson (nzgamer.com)

Quantum Break


I loathe to consider it an actual genre, but most of us are well-enough acquainted with third-person games by now. Stop-and-pop your way to the end like a game of human whack-a-moles. We know what they're about, so we're not likely to be surprised....

"Like a JRPG in disguise."

Apr 2016

Expertrecension från: Russ Frushtick (mashable.com)

'Quantum Break' feels trapped in a time travel paradox


Time travel does not generally end well. There are usually insectoid monsters or Morlocks or Super Hitlers waiting for you on the other end. Quantum Break doesn't stray from the...

Astounding time-breaking visuals ; enjoyable (if infrequent) combat

Live-action show is painful to watch ; story struggles to stand out ; technical glitches

While far from bad, only briefly has time to dip its toes in greatness.

Apr 2016

Expertrecension från: Benedikt Plass-Fleßenkämper (gamona.de)

Das Netflix der Videospiele?


Ich liebe Netflix. Ich bin sogar regelrecht süchtig nach dem Streamingdienst. Und trotzdem musste ich mich an den Ansatz von Quantum Break erst einmal gewöhnen. Die Entwickler von Remedy Entertainment haben sich für ihr neues Triple-A-Spiel bekanntlich...

Coole Gegnertypen ; Hoher Wiedererkennungswert durch tolles Artdesign ; Unterhaltsames Kampfsystem ; Kombinieren von Superkräften macht Laune ; Solide umgesetzte Live-Action-Episoden ; Über weite Strecken motiviert aufspielende Stars ; Spannende und...

Zu wenig unterschiedliche Feinde ; Gelegentliche Soundprobleme ; Durchwachsene Deckungsmechanik ; Serienepisoden können den Spielfluss auch unterbrechen ; Umgebungsrätsel nach Schema F ; Aufgesetzt wirkendes Upgrade-System ; Spielerisch zu simpel ;...

"Ein rasantes Zeitreise-Spektakel mit Star-Besetzung und mutiger Erzählweise."

Jan 2016

Expertrecension från: Nerces (gamekult.com)

Quantum Break


Remedy a l'habitude de prendre le temps de peaufiner ses third person shooters , aussi bien au niveau de la réalisation que de la narration et de la mise en scène. Après deux tranches de Max Payne et une brochette d' Alan Wake , le studio finlandais...

Une réalisation impressionnante... ; La complémentarité des pouvoirs ; De bons acteurs... ; Faire joujou avec la physique

...malgré un rendu parfois bizarre ; Rythme de jeu trop haché ; ... pour une série médiocre ; Scénario quelconque ; Temps de chargement significatifs ; Doublages français très inégaux ; Portage PC décevant et gourmand

Bien que largement moins marquant que les autres TPS de Remedy et pas toujours irréprochable sur sa partie visuelle, Quantum Break reste une sacrée vitrine technologique posée sur un gameplay classique et une narration sans surprises, malgré les...

Apr 2016

Expertrecension från: (spieletipps.de)

Quantum Break


Lange hat es gedauert. Doch nun schickt Entwickler Remedy sein neues Spiel Quantum Break ins Rennen um die Actionspiel-Krone. Mit Geschwistern wie Max Payne und Alan Wake verfügt es über gute Gene.

Gelungenes Action-Spektakel mit spannender Geschichte und denkwürdigen Feuergefechten. Kein Klassiker aber eine gute Ergänzung zu Alan Wake.

Apr 2016